Social Media Brand Ambassadors Services

Social Media Brand Ambassadors Package

(It will cost more than €2,000 / month to get the same results with Social Media paid services)


For only €299 per month they will daily connect and engage with your target market


  • Increase your followers on a daily basis

  • Increase Reach to your target audience 

  • Increased visibility and growth through M&A’s connections and groups

  • Increased brand awareness to position you as a market leader 

  • Greater engagement to convert audience into fans and clients / donors

M&A Social Media Brand Ambassadors

"The most important element in any consumer interaction is a positive brand experience.”  


This is our company motto.  Our Social Media Brand Ambassadors will become the face of your Brand and everything they will do reflects your product, or service and ultimately your  Brand.


We pay extra attention to:

  • Customer Service

  • Service / Product Training

  • Professionalism

We select the very best talent and thoroughly train ourSocial Media Brand Ambassadors to know their job, as well as your product or service, inside and out

To ensure our campaigns are always successful, we have back-up staff reporting every day in the case that a scheduled team member is unavailable.  We require that all staff attend a mandatory training and sign off on our Promotions Policy and Guidelines.  All Social Media Brand Ambassadors receive job-specific manuals and training for each campaign.  We often institute  campaign contests, to provide further incentive with cash prizes


Our management team will be there every step of the way to ensure your Social Media Brand Ambassadors program is a success. With superior logistics and extensive campaign activation experience, we guarantee you will be happy with our program management and Social Media Brand Ambassadors teams.

Social Media Brand Ambassadors Marketing Package


M&A is pleased to provide you with our Social Media Brand Ambassadors Marketing Package. The intent of the package is to deliver a Campaign designed to:


  • Achieve a strong Social Media presence and build a community of followers in your target countries. 

  • Create brand awareness, increase the number of followers. 

  • Reach your target market 

  • Strengthen your position as a leader in the industry

  • Drive greater engagement, convert audience into strong brand advocates. 

The Benefits of working with M&A

M&A is uniquely positioned to provide you with the results you need to help grow your audience and achieve your goals. 

  • Increase Reach & Engagement – M&A has more than 2,000 Social Media Brand Ambassadors (reaching over 50 million targeted connections) that can be used to reach your target audience & market. 

  • Stay open 24/7 – M&A can help you engage on different time zones, making it easier to reach out to your prospects or clients.

  • Seamless Service - With clear lines of communication, we offer a seamless service that cannot be matched. 


Social Media Brand Ambassadors Marketing Package

Social Media Brand Ambassadors s to daily connect and engage with your target market 


  • Social Media Brand Ambassadors will engage and increase your company followers

  • Social Media Brand Ambassadors Interact with Groups / Connections for increased visibility & growth. 

  • Utilise M&A’s connections and groups for more aggressive growth

Should you be interested in Social Media Brand Ambassadors Marketing Package or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us.

Great work for Great Causes


SAT-7 is a Christian Nonprofit satellite television station run by and for the people of the Middle East and North Africa. They reached out to us because Social Media engagement was low and followers were stagnant. They asked us to come up with a strategy that would engage their community and reach new followers.  


The Goals of our Social Media strategy were:


  • Build Awareness 

  • Community Growth

  • Community Retention

  • Advocacy

  • Fundraising

The Strategy implementation is a great success, and a pleasure to “watch!”


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SAT-7 Christian satellite television

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