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The customer must be at the heart of your digital marketing and wider retail strategy. By building an understanding of their needs and expectations at each stage of the buying journey, we can help you focus resource on the channels and activities that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.The result is less guesswork, better ROI on your marketing spend and – most importantly – satisfied, happy customers who remain loyal and advocate your brand to others.Whether we are developing a full customer experience strategy or working across a single digital channel, such as natural search, the starting point is always the customer: who they are, where they spend their time, what motivates them to buy your products and who influences their purchasing decisions are just some of the questions we seek to answer.


Customer experience strategy

Based on the outputs of the experience design process, a strategy is formulated according to customer segment, channel and buying stage, taking account of in-house expertise, resource, technical and logistical capabilities, and of course, budget.

Digital search strategy

We will research and analyse the key factors that impact a successful online marketing strategy, including your business plan, commercial objectives, customer insight, products, competition and in-house resource. We use this insight to inform activities, tactical plans, forecasts and key performance indicators.

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Single channel

Perhaps you have a digital channel that is under-performing. If so, we will look to understand your broader objectives and business strategy, establishing the role that a particular channel, such as paid search, can play, before planning and executing the most appropriate approach.

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Digital Marketing

Increase awareness, acquisition, retention and brand loyalty with a digital marketing strategy driven by insight, not guesswork.

Whether we are working with you across a single channel, looking after your full digital marketing strategy or providing support to an in-house team, our insight-led approach consistently drives more customers, higher average order values, increased satisfaction and revenue for Cyprus leading premium brands and retailers.

We have more than ten years’ experience working across the following disciplines:


  • Content strategy - Create a rich ecommerce experience and increase brand visibility across blogs, forums, online media and social networks with relevant and engaging content.


  • Natural search - Build a sustainable and reputable organic search engine presence to increase awareness, traffic and revenue.


  • Social media - Listen to, engage with and influence your target audience at every stage of their buying journey.


  • Online PR - Build brand awareness and garner editorial links from relevant blogs and online media.


  • Paid search - Create targeted, cost-effective and flexible campaigns across search engines, social platforms and display networks.


  • eCRM - Increase customer retention, build loyalty and drive revenue with a tailored email strategy based on purchase history and behaviour.


  • Conversion rate optimisation - Better understand your users in order to create a superior on-site experience that makes it easier for your customers to purchase.


  • Tracking and reportingMultichannel tracking and analysis to help you understand your customers’ buying journey, optimise marketing channels and measure success.

Get in touch with a member of our team to explore how our insight-led approach to online marketing can help you increase revenue and ROI.

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